The Soller Family — And a friend from a long time ago…

The Soller Family — And a friend from a long time ago………..11/12

So i have had some butterflies in my stomach because of this shoot! On top of just the excitement and anticipation that doing a photo shoot brings, this had something even more exciting attached to it… i was meeting up with a friend from junior high! Life had brought us both from California to Atlanta Georgia and i was honored that she asked me to take their pictures! Something about seeing a friend from where you both grew up 2500 miles away and being able to¬†reminisce¬†on the days of childhood (or the awkwardness of junior high that was me) that is so special! Emily is just as beautiful as i remember and her family was so sweet. We had a perfect time and I am so thankful for moments like this!

I asked Emily if she had any special toys she would like to include and she brought out a VERY special toy, her Dad’s toy car he played with as a boy. Well when Everett saw this car his eyes just lit up and he got the hugest grin on his face! Im pretty sure no other toy would have given that reaction and i am so blessed to be able to capture it!

Hot mamma to be alert!:)
seriously is she not beautiful?!?

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