who i am…

A few {not so} interesting facts about me:

I live in the beautiful state of Georgia after growing up in California, but will always be a west coaster at heart.

Coffee is my very good buddy, we hang out a lot.

I wear my work out clothes during the day when i want to feel extra productive… sometimes i even work out in them!

I will sometimes mentally give myself high fives when i think or say something funny

I will act really goofy during a shoot if that’s what it takes to get authentic smiles… i sacrifice like that.

I watch Murder, She Wrote and secretly am envious of the life Jessica Fletcher leads (did i really just admit this?!)

I love Pinterest too much. And magazines. Some might call them time wasters, but I call it gathering crucial, vital life information.

Atlanta/Johns Creek/Norcross/Milton/Suwanee/Alpharetta Photographer


{These are my kids, i hope you’re eeewing and aahing in your head right now because they’re so cute}


Kimberly did an amazing job on our family photos! With 2 young children and my entire extended family, I was so nervous that it would be a disaster without one good picture. What a challenge to get a great picture from a large group ranging in age from 1 year to 92 years, but she did it with ease! Kimberly made it so fun for everyone that it felt more like playing by the river than getting our pictures taken. The pictures came out wonderful! She is truly gifted in photography and we are so thankful for the memories she captured!”    { Katie }

When Kim takes your pictures, she puts her whole heart into it. She does amazing work and has the ability to capture a beautiful picture. She will not rest until you are completely satisfied. I highly recommend her as a photographer.”    { Meg }

Kim did an excellent job capturing my newborn’s teeny features. she was patient and professional and extremely creative! I love the quality and design of the pictures. It was a joy to work with Kim!”     { Carrie }

Not only did Kim’s photos turn out wonderfully, but her time spent editing them, helping us choose just the right lighting during the shoot, and being flexible with our running-around preschooler were so helpful. Very satisfied with the amazing images she was able to capture — and in a short amount of time, too!”     { Brooke }

“If a photographer can still get a great picture, even with a dog that flunked behavior school in it…you KNOW that’s a great photographer. Kim captures the authentic & genuine moments that show more than a pretty picture but a glimpse into people’s lives & personalities. If you’re looking for a skilled photographer that’s creative, easy going & open…Kim Herbert is your photog.”      { Heidi }



And this is why I do what I do… and love every single moment of it!

A little while ago I realized something fully for the first time… I am a creative person. I like to make things that are of worth and beautiful to other people. I do that well. And, although, that last sentence was hard to write because I am tooting my own horn, it’s true and I am ready to fully embrace it! I am not sure why it took me so long to arrive to this conclusion of me being creative… I went to school for graphic design and pretty much have made art in many different ways in my careers in life. But something was different when I threw myself into photography a while ago. Something that lit my soul that none of my other art avenues had previously done. Could it be the look of excitement and happiness when a mother sees her beautiful newborn captured in that moment that goes away all too quick? Or that look that a husband gives his wife when they’re embracing each other? Maybe someone seeing the best of who they are come through onto print? Learning the vulnerability, strength and beauty that each person possesses that becomes so much easier to see on this side of the camera is so special. Ok, I got a little deep and maybe a little cheesy so I’ll move on! And don’t get me started on the orientation, arrangement and art that comes with photography! There are so many aspects of it to love! And the beauty is everything that I have done in my previous artistic careers have joined forces to make me a better photographer.

Outside of being a photographer, I am a wife and mother to a sweet boy and girl… they’re all pretty great and really make my life amazing. Jesus is my BFF and I don’t think I have enough room to write how amazing he is so I will just leave it at that!

Atlanta/Johns Creek/Norcross/Milton/Suwanee/Alpharetta Photographer



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